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CS 4731, B Term Semester 2011 Homework 3

Homework 3: Due Thursday, December 1, 2011, emailed by 11:59PM (12.5/100 points)

Homework 3 Overview

In this project, we're trying to add better lighting, shading and materials to your 3D meshes from in homework 2 so that in addition to drawing wireframes, your program will also be able to render solid models. We will implement flexible camera control and allow a user the ability to view our scenes from various angles. Finally, we shall explore hierarchical modeling.

Important Note: The assignment has two parts. Both parts are due on the due date. We have already covered all material for Part A in class. So please go ahead with implementing that part. We will cover hierarchical modeling and the information you need to implement part B on Monday (Nov 28), so you may choose to wait till then to implement part B. Also, all key strokes from homework 2 should still work. The keystrokes described below are just additional.

Homework 3 (Part A)

Submitting Your Work

Make sure to double-check that everything works before submitting. Submit all your executable and source files. Put all your work files (Visual Studio solution, OpenGL program, shaders, executable and input files into a folder and zip it. Essentially, after your project is complete, just zip the project directory created by Visual Studio. If the filesize is less than 10MB, you can email me the file. If the final zip file is larger than 10MB, put it in a webspace and email me its URL.

Create documentation for your program and submit it along with the project inside the zip file. Your documentation can be either a pure ASCII text or Microsoft Word file. The documentation does not have to be long. Briefly describe the structure of your program, what each file turned in contains. Explain briefly what each module does and tie in your filenames. Most importantly, give clear instructions on how to compile and run your program. MAKE SURE IT RUNS before submission. Name your zip file according to the convention FirstName_lastName_hw3.zip Also specify which of the 6 designated labs your submission compiles and runs on.

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