D-Term 2006                                           CS 4513                                 Prof. D. Finkel

                                                                                                               Office FL 231

                                                                                                               Telephone x5416





COURSE OVERVIEW:  This course will be devoted to completing the study of operating system principles begun in CS 3013 and the study of distributed systems.  The recommended background for this course is CS 3013.


TEXT:  The text for this course is Operating Systems Concepts, Seventh Ed., by Silberschatz, Galvin and Gagne.


CLASS HOURS: This course meets MTTF 10:00 – 10:50.  You are expected to attend class regularly.


TAs and OFFICE HOURS:  The TA for this course is James Baldassari (jdb@cs.wpi.edu) and SA for the course is Abe Lourenço (aln@wpi.edu).  TA and SA office hours will be held in the FL A22, at the following times:

TA: Tue 6 – 8 PM, Wed 3 – 5 PM;

SA: Mon 6 – 8 PM, Wed 6 – 8 PM, Thu: 6 – 8 PM.. 

My office hours (FL 231) are Mon 3, Tue 9, Thu 2, and by appointment.


ELECTRONIC MAIL:  There is an electronic mailing list for this course; you will be automatically added to this list.  If you want to send mail to the entire class (including the TAs and me), send mail to cs4513-all@cs.wpi.edu.  There is also a mailing list

cs4513-staff@cs.wpi.edu which goes only to the TA, the SA and me.


WEB SITE:  Course information and copies of handouts are maintained on the course Web site at http://www.cs.wpi.edu/~dfinkel/Courses/cs4513.html


ACADEMIC HONESTY:  All work that you submit for a grade in this course must be your own work.  You may discuss the assignments with other students, and discuss approaches to solving them, but the programs you submit must be your own work.  You should not show your code to any student or see the code of another student.  If you use code from a publicly available source, such as a textbook or a public Web site, document the source clearly in your code and in your program documentation.


DOCUMENTATION STANDARDS:  Your programs are expect to conform to the WPI CS Department Documentation Format, available at  http://www.cs.wpi.edu/Help/documentation-standard.html  We will discuss this standard in class before the first assignment is due.

EXAMS AND ASSIGNMENTS: There will be a mid-term and a final exam and three projects.  The due dates are shown on the course schedule.  All assignments are due ten minutes prior to the beginning of class on the due date, and must be submitted electronically.  All assignments will completed individually.


GRADING:  Your grade will be based on an average of your work for the term, weighted as follows:

                                    Assignment 1:  20%

                                    Assignment 2:   20%

                                    Assignment 3:  10%

                                    Midterm Exam:             25%

                                    Final Exam:                   25%