Dan Dougherty
Professor of Computer Science
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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Here are directions to WPI and a map of campus.

I am in room 136 of Fuller Labs: this is building number 11 on the map. Parking is competetitive. To park on campus legally one needs to secure a visitor's parking sticker, which guarantees you nothing; during low-traffic times the best place to park is in the lot behind Fuller Labs (on the west side of Boylston St); another possibility is the lot labelled "Staff parking", near the intersection of Park Ave and Salisbury St (on the west side of John Wing Road).

4 Contact

Daniel J. Dougherty
Department of Computer Science
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
100 Institute Rd
Worcester, MA 01609 USA

email: dd at cs dot wpi dot edu
phone: (508) 831 5621
fax: (508) 831 5776

Date: 2015-03-16T11:54-0400


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