You will be pleased to know that your web page has been given a `Kitty
Award'.  This gives you the right to show the attached image on your
web page.

The Kitty Awards were started by a committee of professionals, to
promote a high standard of internet sites.

They are named the Kitty awards after what was probably the first cat
to appear on the internet. As her name is unknown she is referred to
as just Kitty.

The other advantage of being a member of the exclusive club of `Kitty
Award' site holders, is that you can award the `Kitty Award' to the
owners of the web sites that you believe to be the best.  Please do
not take advantage of the privilege and award it to your friends.

So please pass this mail, along with the attached file, to all   
of the site holders that you feel are worthy.

Do not forget to display the attached file on your web site!

                        THE 'KITTY AWARD' COMMITTEE