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Fencing Vita -- DAVID C. BROWN

Prevot d'Armes, United States Fencing Coaches Association.
Professional Member, USA Fencing.

1959-66		Wandsworth Comprehensive School, London, UK
		Fencing Club
		1965-66 Foil, Epee & Sabre 1st teams.
		Captain of Fencing
		Gave beginner lessons at all weapons
		Coach: Prof. A.T. Simmonds, BAF.
		Results: Semi-final London Schoolboys Jnr Foil
		         Quarter-finals National Under 20 at Foil, Epee & Sabre
1965-66		Latista F.C., London, UK

1968-69		Chelmsford F.C., Chelmsford, UK
		Foil Team Captain

1969-70		Taught fencing class at North Staffordshire Polytechnic, UK

1970-71		Taught at Chelmsford F.C., beginner to intermediate classes

1971		AFA Coaching Award, Foil
		Course coach: Prof. K. Pearson, BAF

1971-72		University of Kent at Canterbury, UK
		Assistant to Coach
		Foil, Sabre & Epee teams
		University Foil Champion
		Awarded University Sports Colours for Fencing.
		Coach: Prof. A. Mallard, BAF

1972		Fenced for the County of Kent, Foil 2nd Team

1971-72		Canterbury F.C., Canterbury, UK
		Foil & Sabre teams

1972		AFA Coaches Club course
		Coach: Dr. Z. Czajkowski (Polish National Coach)

1972-74		Harrow F.C., London, UK
		Foil, Epee & Sabre teams
		Taught beginners classes

1973		AFA Coaching Award, Sabre
		Coach: Prof. R. Anderson (British National Coach)

1973-74		Salle Pearson, London, UK
		Sabre team
		Coach: Prof. P. Pearson, BAF

1973-74		Fenced for County of Middlesex
		Foil & Sabre teams

1974-79		Ohio State University, USA
		1974-75 Assistant to Coach, Foil, Ladies Fencing Team
		1975-78 Assistant Coach, Foil, Ladies Fencing Team
		President, Buckeye F.C.
		Official, Intervarsity foil and sabre meets

1980-82	&	Worcester Polytechnic Institute
1985-present	Advisor & Coach, WPI Fencing Club
	       [over 1500 lungers served! ]

2012-present    Member of Coaching staff, Worcester Fencing Club

2016            Assistant Foil Coach, Vermont Summer Foil/Epee Clinic

2009-2022       Attended coach development workshops with:
                - Maitre Bill Shipman
                - Maitres John Krauss & Paul Sise 
                - Maitre Rob Handelman
                - Maitre Wang Yung
                - Maitre Dave Micahnik

2023            USFCA Coach Developer

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