CS 8011d: Design Computing
Winter Quarter 1998


Time: Wed, 2:00 - 3:30
Room: Instruction Ctr. room 119

Instructor: Dave Brown, @GT, @WPI.

Visiting faculty, College of Computing, Jan-Mar 1998.
Office: CRB 394 {I will be using Prof. Goel's office while he's away}
Phone: (404) 894-4994
Email at GT: dcb@cc.gatech.edu
Email at WPI: dcb@cs.wpi.edu

Newsgroup: git.cc.class.8011d


The course will be run in research seminar style with open discussion focussed around a recent survey of the current research in AI in Design.

We will examine some of the AI-based work being done currently, and in the recent past, on design problem-solving. The domains may include Electrical Engineering design, Mechanical Engineering design, Civil Engineering design, and Software design (i.e., automatic programming).

This seminar will be of particular interest to those people involved in Design-related research, including AI in Design research. It will also be of interest to those studying CAD, CAE, CAM, and other computational methods of support for Engineering, as well as those interested in AI applications in general.

The initial set of readings are intended to be a catalyst for discussion, and shouldn't be seen as prescribing the boundaries of the seminar.

Web page: http://www.cs.wpi.edu/~dcb/courses/CS8011d/GT-seminar.html


The goals of the course are to try to obtain a deeper understanding of what design is, and how AI might be used to support or study it. With the help of faculty and students from other departments, we also want to examine what the opportunities are for the support of design activity. We expect to be able respond to the interests of those who attend.


The schedule is based around the survey readings. The readings fit pretty well into the available time. I'd like one or two people to be responsible for being the ``leader'' for each topic. That means that you come with comments (criticism and praise) about the article and questions that the article raises that we can discuss. Of course, everyone else can contribute as well.


The readings will be taken from:

D. C. Brown & W. Birmingham (Eds.), Special double issue of IEEE Expert on ``AI in Design'', Vol. 12, No. 2 March/April 1997, No. 3 May/June 1997.

Note: Currently (8 Oct 97) the full text of these special issues is available on the web as HTML and PDF files. However, all the PDF and HTML articles and departments will be available only to members beginning November 1, 1997. This material will be available only to online subscribers beginning February 1, 1998. If you are interested in the articles, either get them now via the web, buy those issues of the Journal, or use the copies that I'll try to have made for the seminar.



Show up. Bring brain. Actively contribute to the discussions. There are no major assignments.


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