Computer Science Department

CS534 -- Artificial Intelligence

Wed 6:00-9:00 pm.

Prof. David C. Brown, Fuller Labs 131, (508) 831-5618, dcb@cs.wpi.edu



There are four projects. You have about 3 weeks to do each. Each project will be described separately in a handout. The due dates are given in the Schedule. As the first three are to be used together for the final project you should keep that in mind from the start. Brief project descriptions are given below. The projects are not completely described by the handouts. You'll need more information from me. You'll need to invent the rest.

Project 1 -- A Rule Interpreter

Write a program that will take a set of Situation-Action rules and execute them. This is a simple, general-purpose (inference-making) problem-solving system. The actions in the rules can include frame manipulations for project 4, but do not need to do so for project 1.

Project 2 -- A Frame System

Write a set of routines that will build and access Frame representations of knowledge. The if-needed and if-added triggers can start up a set of rules. This is a simple, general-purpose way of representing knowledge, with the addition of a limited inference capability.

Project 3 -- An ATN Interpreter

Write a program that will accept restricted Natural Language input and parse it according to a grammar expressed as a Augmented Recursive Transition Network. Actions embedded in the network can include actions on frames. This can act as a simple Natural Language interface.

Project 4 -- An Intelligent System

Use the tools you have developed in projects 1-3 to build a system that does some "intelligent" task. The task and the domain is up to you. A short proposal is required to be submitted and approved prior to this system's development. The input must include Natural Language facts, commands or questions. The rules could use the frames as the working memory. The frames could use the rules as attached actions. Tasks might include diagnosis, design, advice, interpretation, planning, etc.

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