LISP Functions to learn for the Projects

---In no particular order. ---Most shown with a rough indication of use. (defun functioname (arg) (lisp) ) (loop (when (condition) (return) ) (lisp) ) (defvar vbl thing) (setq vbl thing) (load "filename.lsp") (with-open-file (stream "filename.lsp" :direction :input ) (lisp) ) (terpri) (dolist (thing list nil) (lisp) ) (print thing) (let ( (vbl nil) ) (lisp) ) (if (condition) (lisp) ) (cond ( (condition) (lisp) ) ( t (lisp) ) ) (push thing list) (eval (lisp) ) (progn (lisp) (lisp) ) (length thing ) (null thing) (equal thing1 thing2) car cdr cons cadr caddr cadddr (assoc thing list ) (rplacd thing list) (trace functionname ) dribble

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