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CS 4341 - Artificial Intelligence

Course Outcomes

Course Outcomes (student should be able to...) Dept. Outcomes Course Evaluations

Use advanced knowledge representation techniques 9 Exams, Proj1-Proj3
Use advanced problem solving strategies 9, 10 Exams, Proj0-Proj3
Understand computational approaches to learning, vision, and natural language processing 9 Exams, Proj3
Design, implement and analyze computer programs that reason and/or act intelligently 3, 8, 9 Exams, Proj0-Proj3
Experiment with machine learning approaches and analyze results 9, 13 Proj3
Adequately document system design decisions 21 Proj0-Proj3
Discover and use material relevant for the solution of under-specified design problems 14, 15 Proj0-Proj3

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