Computer Science Department

CS4341 ❏ Artificial Intelligence ❏ B07

Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri - 1:00 - AK 233
Prof. David C. Brown, Fuller Lab 131, (508) 831-5618, dcb at cs.wpi.edu

Version: Wed Nov 14 20:51:46 EST 2007

PROJECT 2 - A Star with a Blinding Flash

The grading will be divided into consideration of:
* 10 pts  Presentation   (i.e., style, layout, writing, comments, ...)
* 40 pts  Required       (i.e., what the problem description asked for)
* 50 pts  Demonstration  (i.e., the output from the system 
                             -- clarity, completeness, how well tested).

10 Presentation:

        Clear, structured, well written documentation.
        Good coding standards:
	-- Clear, appropriate comments in code.
	-- Clear program layout.
	-- Clear ordering of functions.
	-- Good naming conventions.
	-- Appropriate use of abstraction (e.g., help functions) to raise
	   the level of the code to the level of the problem and away
           from LISP/Scheme.
	Good choice of data structures.
        Clear, readable, well laid out output.

40 pts  Required

        Brief, clear documentation on paper that describes the program
	design, including the overall architecture, any special
	algorithms used, special data structures used, assumptions
	made, and important global variables.

        A* implemented 
        Min-conflicts implemented

        3x3 with 8 trucks

        8x8 with 8 CCVs
        Developed for NxN situation

        Some appropriate test cases included.
        Description of the rationale for each test case.

        Code included. 

50 pts Demonstration

       A* working and correct (trucks ordered, minimum work).
       Min-conflicts working and correct (no smoke).
       Two key runs for part 1 with demo output.
       Two key runs for part 2 with demo output.
       Appropriate test runs with different initial situations,
           but limited output, to show special cases.