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CS3041 - Human Factors in Computer Systems

Overview of Projects

Project 1: Individual

This opening project consists of several parts: including Reverse Engineering a web page to determine what the Requirements for its design might have been; to read and comment on some HCI research literature; to critically evaluate an interface; to respond to a paper/video about interesting new HCI research.

Project 2: Individual

In this project you test an hypothesis about the impact of layout on the reading speed and comprehension for text in an interface, design an experiment to confirm the hypothesis, and do a simple statistical analysis of the results.

Project 3: Group

This project is done in groups, and requires you to produce and present a design for an interface that supports icon-based communication between people that do not speak each other's languages.

Project 4: Individual

The task in this project is to design and build the key pages for an interactive interface for a specified application.

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