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CS3041 - Human Factors in Computer Systems

Project 3: Presentation Instructions

For project 3 you will be allocated randomly into small groups.

Each group will work together to solve the problem, produce a single group report to hand in, and make a presentation to the class.

Learn your group number!

Decide on a name for your group (e.g., Pygmy Telephone & Telegraph) to put on the cover of your reports along with the group number.

Quickly establish contact with the other members of the group, allocate roles/subtasks, arrange regular mtg times, and get started early.

The presentations will allow you to compare your group's approach with a variety of other approaches. Hopefully it should also be fun. The presentations will be during the last two classes of the term (see the class Schedule).

Each group will have about 10 minutes to describe their work to the class. The exact duration will be announced.

The order of the presentations will be randomly selected each day at the start of that class. Everyone is required to attend all of the presentations.

Format of the presentation:

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