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Computer Science Department

CS3041 - Human Computer Interaction

PROJECT 2 - Interface Experiment


*** This project is worth 20% of total grade

               Graded out of 100% and adjusted later. 
               Late - remember the penalty.

               5% Overall report quality
                     ie. writing/layout/etc
               90% Report: 
                     Describe & Justify all the steps listed.
               5% Data gathered is included, and clear, with consent forms.

Note: Make sure you provide all the parts requested, state your assumptions, and justify all the answers.


     ** Do _this_ experiment, don't invent one!
     ** you should explain what speed you are measuring.
        e.g., miles per hour?? i.e., what are the units? 
     ** You'll need two graphs at least (!) to show results

You'll need to do and describe *all* of these steps:

  1. Develop the hypotheses you are testing about user performance and preference/belief with respect to the variable (it helps to think of extreme situations first); 3pts
  2. ** You need to have an initial hypothesis (be honest!)
       Give the rationale for your hypothesis.
       Did you try some estimated data points to produce it? 
  3. Describe/graph that hypothesis; 6pts
  4. ** Make it clear exactly what your hypothesis is.
       Graphs are probably best. 
  5. Identify the type of users you'll test and why; 3pts

  6. Determine the design of your experiment; 3pts
  7. ** i.e., what was the process used to carry out the experiment? 
             how was consistency maintained?
  8. Determine the tool(s) that you'll use for data analysis & its presentation; 2pts
  9. ** i.e., what's the stats package and graphing tool.
  10. Develop the reading tasks that your users will perform during each experiment; 6pts
  11. ** how many reading tasks per subject?
       how was consistency maintained?
       how was text selected?
       how much text in each task? 
       was the user kept in mind?
       how did you attempt to avoid learning?
  12. Specify the test situation (i.e., the variations in the pages); 6pts
  13. ** what variations to actually make.
       We MUST see rationale. 
  14. Determine how many users you'll need to test; 3pts
  15. ** why that number?
  16. Select the actual users you'll test; 3pts
  17. ** how controlled?
       who was eliminated and why?
  18. Prepare the test situation; 6pts
  19. ** the pages of text actually used (web?)
       design decisions? 
  20. Do a trial run on 1-2 people to check your test situation & procedure, and make modifications if necessary; 3pts
  21. ** how did that go? any problems & corrections needed?
  22. For the real experiment, administer a short pre-test questionnaire for each user to gather relevant data; 3pts
  23. ** what was found out and why?
  24. Have each user sign & date a consent form agreeing to take part in the experiment, and provide an email address at which they can be contacted; 3pts
  25. ** This must be done.
       I'll accept "reasonable" electronic evidence.
  26. Describe the experimental procedure to each user in a consistent way; 3pts
  27. ** how was consistency maintained?
  28. Run each user through the tasks and collect data; 6pts
  29. ** how controlled? 
       how was speed determined? 
       how was comprehension determined? 
  30. Do an initial analysis of your speed and comprehension data by providing descriptive statistics; 3pts
  31. ** do stats look right? interesting? 
  32. Using all your data, produce graphs for your performance metrics; 3pts
  33. ** graphed properly?
       both metrics?
  34. Calculate the Correlation between each metric and your variable, and determine whether it is "significant" at the .05 level (alpha=.05); 6pts
  35. ** done properly?
  36. Do a Simple Linear Regression Analysis for your data and plot the results; 3pts
  37. ** graphed properly?
       include evidence for calculation
  38. Diagram the preference/belief results; 6pts
  39. ** diagramed well?
       - actual speed against which they thought was fastest.
       - their preference against comprehension.
  40. Evaluate all the results, producing conclusions: explicitly compare what you found with your hypotheses. Does the user know what's good for them? 6pts
  41. ** was it meaningful? 
       good? strange?
       enough data? 
       were hypotheses confirmed?
  42. Assess the possible causes of errors in the data from your experiment; 4pts
  43. ** If anyone claims that there aren't any errors, then they're wrong!
       But what errors and why?   

Sum of all 22 sections = 90pts
Data gathered is included with consent forms = 5pts
Overall report quality = 5pts
Total = 100%

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