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Interaction Styles

Advantages Disadvantages
Direct manipulation
+visually presents task concepts
+reduces syntax
+allows easy learning
+allows easy retention
+allows errors to be avoided
+encourages exploration
+affords high subjective satisfaction

-maybe hard to program
-requires graphical displays and pointing/selecting devices
Menu selection
+shortens learning
+reduces keystrokes
+structures decision making
+use of dialog-management tools
+easy support of error handling
+can guide through task

-presents danger of many menus
-may slow frequent/expert users
-consumes screen space
-requires rapid display rate
Form fillin
+simplifies data entry
+requires modest training
+gives convenient assistance
+permits form-management tools

-consumes screen space
-may require more computer skills
Command language
+is flexible
+appeals to power/expert users
+supports user initiative
+allows user-defined macros

-has poor error handling
-substantial training and memorization
Natural language
+relieves burden of learning syntax
+spoken NL allows busy hands

-requires clarification dialog
-may require more keystrokes
-may not show context
-is unpredictable due to ambiguity
-spoken harmed by noise


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