An `AI in Design' View of Design

Iterative Character

Is the design process based on iterative refinement?

Discussion. Design is, in many situations, carried out as a successive refinement process. It is seldom possible to detail the design in a single pass. Instead, design is often seen as a multi-pass process, where each iteration adds a supplementary level of detail. Another reason, which makes the iterative approach attractive, is the fact that it allows the constraints of the design problem to be solved in several trials. The constraint set can seldom be satisfied on a first attempt, but each reconsideration of the design offers an improved solution for these constraints. A particular form of iterative approach, Iterative Redesign, is used in parametric design, where the values of the design parameters are gradually improved from some complete initial assignment [Orelup et al. 1988] [Ramachandran et al. 1988].

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