An `AI in Design' View of Design

Format of this Paper

This paper is built around a set of questions. The questions are intended to be used to enable any piece of AI in Design research to be probed and understood. Many of the questions probably also apply to other research on Design Theory and Methodology. In addition to the proposed practical use of the questions, the choice of questions is intended to convey some of the issues with which AI in Design researchers are concerned, and to present a strong view of what design actually is.

The rest of this paper is organized into sections containing sets of questions. The sections of the paper collect related questions together. The sections are General Description, Problem Description, System Knowledge, Methodology, System Architecture, and System Evaluation.

In each section the questions are divided further into smaller groups. With each question is given an example of possible answers (indicated by ``e.g.'') or a set of expected answers (indicated by using braces). In addition, a ``Discussion'' is included that explains the relevance of the question, and cites some relevant research.

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