Research and Applications

Papers in Volume I, 1993

Volume I, Number 1

Information Management for Concurrent Engineering: Research Issues:
B.Prasad, EDS, Warren, MI, and R.S.Morenc and R.M.Rangan, SDRC,
Milford, OH.

Dynamic Decomposition Strategies in the Conceptual Modeling of Design
Objects: M.A.Rosenman, University of Sydney, Australia.

Design Data Storage and Extraction using Objects: A.R.LeBlanc, and
G.M.Fadel, Clemson University, Clemson, SC.

Developing Feature-Based Manufacturing Applications Using PDES/STEP:
T.H.Liu and G.W.Fischer, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA.

Managing the Product Realization Process in CE: An Evaluation Model:
J.R.Dixon and M.R.Duffey, University of Massachusetts, MA.

Evaluation Methodology for Post Manufacturing Issues in Life Cycle
Design: K.Ishii, C.F.Eubanks, and M.Marks, Ohio State University, OH.

An Optimization System with Integrated Knowledge Base: G.Bengu, New
Jersey Institute of Technology, NJ.

Volume I, Number 2

Computer Aided Requirements Management: J.Fiksel and F.Hayes-Roth, Cimflex Teknowledge Corp., Palo Alto, CA. A Systematic Approach to Conceptual Design: R.H.Sturges, Carnegie Mellon Univeristy, Pittsburgh, PA. Feature Modeling Incorporating Tolerance and Production Process for Concurrent Design: D.Xue and Z.Dong, University of Victoria, B.C, Canada. An Intelligent Design for Manufacturability System for Sheet Metal Parts: S.Lazaro, Washington State University, Pullman, WA and D.T.Engquist and D.B.Edwards, University of Idaho, Moscow. Prototyping as a Core Development Process: P.Barkan, Stanford Univ. and M.Iansitl, Harvard Business School.

Volume I, Number 3

A Medium for Sharing Design Knowledge among Engineering Tools: J.G.McGuire and R.N.Palavin, Lockheed Palo Alto Research Lab., J.C.Weber and J.M.Tenenbaum, En Integrated Technologies T.Gruber and G.Olsen, Stanford Knowledge Systems Lab., CA. Performance Analysis of Design Using Timed Petrl Nets: U.Belhe and A.Kuslak, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA. Product Quality in Optimization Models: D.J.Wilde, Stanford University, Stanford, CA. The Development of Virtual Concurrent Engieering and its Application to Design for Producibility: J.Schmitz and S.Desa, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA. Functional Requirements Mapping As a Framework for Concurrent Engineering: S.B.Billatos, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT and L.J.Grigely, CT. A Negotiation Platform for Cooperating Intelligent Systems: F.Polat, S. Shekhar and H. A. Guvenir, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN.

Volume I, Number 4

A Methodology to Support Concurrent Engineering in a Simulated Process Evaluation Environment (SPREE): N.V.Yetukuri, W.C.Prescott and G.W.Fischer, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA. Design for Stamping: A Group Technology Based Approach: C.Poli, P.Dastidar, P.Mahajan, University of Massachusetts, Amherst and R.J.Graves, RPI, Troy, NY. Integrated Design & Verification System for Finite Element Modeling: P.Jeppsson and A.Svoboda, Lulea University of Technology, Lulea, Sweden. Automated Fixture Design for Concurrent Manufacturing Planning: Y.C.Chou, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, MA. Modeling of the Knowledge in an Advisory System for Process Planning: J.Duda, Institute of Production Research, Poland. Design for Robust Performance: A Concurrent Engineering Approach:M.H.Gadallah and H.A.Elmaraghy, Mcmaster University, CA.

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