What is the CS-GSO?

The CS Graduate Student Organization was founded in the Fall of 1998 out of the need to improve the communication between faculty and students (and also among students...) in the Computer Science department. In 2003, the CS-GSO was merged into the local ACM Student Chapter. We remain our own separate entity, yet under the guidance of the ACM.

The CS-GSO tries to help students in the CS department. We are keeping contact with the faculty through an appointed graduate student who attends the faculty meetings. You can always contact us at csgso at cs dot wpi dot edu or in person. We try to organize events to get to know each other and address your suggestions, complaints, gripes, etc. We are trying to facilitate matters at the department especially for new graduate students, but also help others with problems that can be solved in cooperation with the faculty. We strive to complement the WPI GSG and refer issues that can better be handled by that organization to it. The CS-GSO is an informal organization in the sense that we are not an official WPI special interest club. There is no official membership in the CS-GSO, and everybody who likes can help with CS-GSO activities.

We are always looking for volunteers. If you are interested in working with us, please send us an email. You should be a graduate student in the Computer Science department.

We maintain an email list with current students through which we make occasional announcements. This email list is not public (i.e., you can not write emails to everyone on the list). If you would like to contact the CS-GSO, please use the email address csgso at cs dot wpi dot edu so the email reaches all of the officers.

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