CS 561 - Guidelines for PROGRESS on Course Project

Information concerning the PROGRESS REPORT for the CS561 main course project (project 3) is given below.

Due Dates and Deliverables:

Expectations on Project Progress

The progress report should clearly state the current status of the project.

Note that by this time, I would expect you to have completed a significant portion of your overall project. Your progress must clearly reflect this.

I expect you to have conducted the necessary background work including establishing a bibliography, reading relevant papers, completed setup of the development tools and environment. In addition, I expect that you resolved design issues of your proposed system. Make sure to include literature, manuals, webpages, and so on that you have reviewed for the project.

At this stage, depending on your type of project, I would expect you to already have developed a (very scaled-down) initial version of your prototype --- with some minimalistic subset of the core desired functionality. This would serve primarily as feasiblity assessment for you on your project, and should give you a solid foundation upon which to build up the features you propose to tackle. Make sure to list all tasks you have accomplished thus far.

You would have by now developed a detailed project description to assess which features you proposed to develop as reasonable within the remaining time period of this class. Ideally, there should be no more doubt left about the scope as well as expected outcome of your project. To illustrate that you have control over your project, you need to construct a precise schedule, week by week, on how you plan to make progress and how this progress will lead you to a concrete outcome.

Some Sample Outline of Project Progress Report

The main highlights of your projects should be stressed in your report.

Project Progress Grading

The progress made on the project will be assessed based on the written report as well as a discussion of the instructor with the team. Note that you must demonstrate that (1) you have completed a sufficient amount of work by now, and (2) that there is a clear plan of what will be accomplished by the end of the project, and (3) how you intend to evaluate your proposed project.

The score of this assignment (total possible is 100 pts) will be given using the following as guideline: