CS 561 - Guidelines for Third Course Project

Information concerning the third (main) project of CS561 is given below.

General Guidelines

This course includes a class project. The intent is for students to select from a wide spectrum of possible projects depending on your interests and skills. You are highly encouraged to take on a project in a technology or topic that you are not yet too familiar with so that you assure you learn something new.

Note that a pure DBMS application project, similar to what you would be doing in a beginning database course such as CS542, is not acceptable for this final project.

Project Teams

For this project, you should preferably work in groups of two students or you can also opt to work as an individual. You should discuss your project plans and project partners (or lack thereof) with the instructor before the time you submit your project proposal.

Project Categories

Some of the general project types that would be acceptable for this course project include:

Project Milestones and Deliverables.

This project has several stages:

Project Grading Guidelines

The final grade of the team project (which may not necessarily be the same for each member of the team) will consist of: