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Computer Science Department

Homework Assignments



General advice to do well in this course:

  1. Read the textbook. This is really important. The textbook is available on Reserved in the WPI Gordon Library under "CS548". This means you can go to the library and ask at the library front desk to borrow the book for a period of 2 hours.

  2. Attend the lectures and participate in class.

  3. Class participation (including participating during the lectures, volunteering to solve problems on the whiteboard, posting good questions and good answers on the Cavas Discussion Board) count towards your course grade.

  4. Read the textbook and the materials assigned for each class (see links on the course schedule webpage) BEFORE each lecture. This is really important.

  5. Work on every part of the project yourself so that you know the content first hand and can answer the questions on the test.

  6. Start working on the projects as soon as they are posted - they take longer than what you think at first.

  7. Use the guidelines on https://web.cs.wpi.edu/~ruiz/KDDRG/Resources/QuizzesExams/cs548_topics_quizzes.html (which are linked in several places on the course schedule) to prepare for the tests.

  8. Attend both the Professor's and the TA's office hours, ask in class and/or post questions on the course discussion board if you have any questions about the material.

  9. Pay attention to the Showcase presentations and ask questions. The tests will include questions about the showcases.

Homework Assignments:

Be prepared for possible pop-quizzes during class based on the homework assignments.