CS 542 - Database Management Systems

Student Research Paper and Presentation

Each student team will do a self-study on a self-selected topic from the database research literature or concerning recent commercial technology More details on this will be described at a later time in the course, once the go or no-go of this option is decided upon.

The study should entail the finding and reading of several related papers and/or technologies. You will need to get the topic and the core set of papers approved by the instructor.

You would produce a written report (~10 pages) demonstrating a clear understanding of the concepts that you have studied.

We may in addition also allot time in class for a brief presentations (about 10 or 15 minutes). You would then make one of the chosen papers available to the class before your presentation, so that others in the class can prepare themselves.

You would be expected to prepare professional quality transparencies for your presentation to help the others to understand your presentation.

TIP: Keep in mind that 15 minutes are very short. Hence you need to mainly get the key ideas of your research study across. Make sure to use examples when explaining difficult technical issues so to be able to explain things well.

Signup of time slots and selected topics is first-come-first-served, as we want to avoid duplicate coverage of the same topic.