WPI Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Computer Science Department

CS539 Machine Learning - Spring 2003 
Project 9 -


Due Date: Monday, April 21 2003 at 10 am. 

This final assignment consists of two parts:
  1. Work further on your weakest (given the quality of the projects you have presented, a better term should be least-strong) project so that you turn it into your best one. Take advantage of the feedback that you received from me and from your classmates during that project presentation. (Each one of you and I have already agreed upon which of the projects is your weakest project.)

  2. Complete the following table summarizing each and everyone of your projects. Please include this table in your report and in your slides.

    Technique DecisionTrees NeuralNetworks NaiveBayes Instance-Based GeneticAlgorithms RuleLearning Final:________
    Best accuracy              
    Code (mine/other/adapted)              
    Programming Language              
    Num. of training instances              
    Num. of test instances              
    Missing values included?(y/n)              
    Number of attributes used              
    Best thing about this project              
    Worst thing about this project              
    Other comments              


  • Oral Report. We will discuss the results from the individual projects during the class on April 21. Your oral report should summarize the different sections of your written report as described above. Each of you will have 5 minutes to explain your results and to discuss your project in class. Be prepared!

  • Submission and Due Date.

    Please submit the following files by email to ruiz@cs.wpi.edu by the deadline specified below. Submissions received on Monday April 21, between 10:01 am and 10:45 am will be penalized with 30% off the grade and submissions after 10:45 am won't be accepted.

    1. [your-lastname]_proj9_slides.[ext] containing your slides for your oral report. This file should be either a PDF file (ext=pdf) or a PowerPoint file (ext=ppt). Please use only lower case letters in the name file. For instance my file would be named ruiz_proj9_slides.ppt

    2. [your-lastname]_proj9_report.pdf containing your written report in PDF.
      For instance my file would be named ruiz_proj9_report.pdf ***** ALSO, PLEASE BRING A HARDCOPY OF YOUR REPORT TO CLASS ON APRIL 21, 2003. ****