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Multimedia Networking Reading List

Fall 2004


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Multimedia Perceptual Quality

[WS00] A. Watson and M. A. Sasse. The Good, the Bad, and the Muffled: the Impact of Different Degradations on Internet Speech, In Proceedings of ACM Multimedia, Los Angeles, CA, USA, November 2000. (slides: ppt, pdf)

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Measurement of Multimedia

[LCKN05] M. Li, M. Claypool, R. Kinicki and J. Nichols. Characteristics of Streaming Media Stored on the Web, ACM Transactions on Internet Technology (TOIT), (accepted for publication) (slides: ppt, pdf)

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Delay Buffering

[SJ95] D. Stone and K. Jeffay. An Empirical Study of Delay Jitter Management Policies, ACM Multimedia Systems, Volume 2, Number 6, Pages 267-279, January 1995. (slides: ppt, pdf)

Multimedia Protocols

[FHPW00] S. Floyd, M. Handley, J. Padhye and J. Widmer. Equation-Based Congestion Control for Unicast Applications, In Proceedings of ACM SIGCOMM Conference, Pages 45-58, 2000. (slides: ppt, pdf)

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Multimedia Repair

[PHH98] C. Perkins, O. Hodson and V. Hardman. A Survey of Packet-Loss Recovery Techniques for Streaming Audio, IEEE Network Magazine, Sep/Oct, 1998. (slides: ppt, pdf)

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H. Wu, M. Claypool, and R. Kinicki. A Model for MPEG with Forward Error Correction and TCP-Friendly Bandwidth, In Proceedings of Workshop on Network and Operating Systems Support for Digital Audio and Video (NOSSDAV), Monterey, California, USA, June 2003.

Router Support for Multimedia

[HKBT01] P. Hurley, M. Kara, J. Le Boudec, and P. Thiran. ABE: Providing a Low Delay within Best Effort, IEEE Network Magazine, May/June 2001. (slides: ppt, pdf)

[NT02] W. Noureddine and F. Tobagi. Improving the Performance of Interactive TCP Applications using Service Differentiation, In Proceedings of IEEE Infocom, New York, NY, June 2002.

Multimedia and Multicast

[MJV96] S. McCanne, V. Jacobsen and M. Vetterli. Receiver-driven Layered Multicast, In Proceedings of ACM SIGCOMM Conference, Stanford, California, USA, 1996. (slides: ppt, pdf)

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[CRSZ01] Y. Chu, S. Rao, S. Seshan, and H. Zhang. Enabling Conferencing Applications on the Internet Using an Overlay Multicast Architecture, In Proceedings of ACM SIGCOMM, San Diego, California, USA, August 2001.

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