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Week	Date	Due	Topic  

 1	Sep 09		Introduction					  
			The Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD) Process 
                        KDD Applications 

 2      Sep 16		Data Integration: Data Warehouses, Mediation

 3      Sep 23		OLAP and Multidimensional Analysis 

 4      Sep 30 		Pre-Processing, Feature Selection

 5	Oct 07		Mining Association Rules

 6	Oct 14	PJ1	Mining Sequential Patterns and Similar Time Sequences

 7	Oct 21		Review and ** EXAM I **

 8	Oct 28		Classification: Decision Trees 

 9	Nov 04		Rule-Based Mining: Inductive Logic Programming

10	Nov 11	PJ2	Regression: Instance-Based Learning

11	Nov 18		Evaluation of Patterns and Visualization

12	Dec 02		Clustering

13	Dec 09	PJ3	Web Mining, XML
                        Project presentation I

14	Dec 16	        Project presentation II	

Assigned Readings

    The Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD) Process

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    Data Warehouses, OLAP and Multidimensional Analysis

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    Pre-Processing, Feature Selection

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    Mining Association Rules

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    Mining Sequential Patterns and Similar Time Sequences

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    Classification: Decision Trees

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    Rule-Based Mining: Inductive Logic Programming

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    Regression: Instance-Based Learning

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    Evaluation of Patterns and Visualization

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    Web Mining, XML

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