CS 4536: Programming Languages (C08)


We will use the following software packages this term:


Use version 371 or later (372 is current).

If you install DrScheme on your own machine, you will also need to install the language mode that we'll use for this class (goes with the text). Save this file to your machine (despite the file name, it works in both versions 371 and 372). Start DrScheme and select File | install .plt file. Choose the downloaded file. After installing, restart DrScheme. Visit Language | Choose Language.... Expand the Programming Languages: Application and Interpretation tab. Choose the language PLAI - Pretty Big. Click OK. Then click Run in DrScheme.

Note: use the language level extension linked here, not the one from the textbook's webpage, as this version has some additional infrastructure support that we'll need this term.

Glasgow Haskell Compiler

If you want to install the Haskell system on your own computer, you can download it here. To start the interactive evaluator on CCC Unix, run ghci (assuming /usr/bin/ is in your path).

And perhaps one more

To be determined once I understand the class' background.