CS 4536: Programming Languages (C08)


You're all upperclass students. I respect your time and constraints and expect you to do the same with mine. If an issue arises, talk to me about it. I'm reasonable as long as you are.

Late Assignments

Late assignments will not be accepted without prior consent of the professor (TAs may not grant extensions).

Collaboration and Academic Honesty Policy

Each assignment will be marked with one of the following collaboration policies:

Unless an assignment states otherwise, you are welcome to discuss the problems with others (even on solo assignments). You may ask other students for help understanding concepts and you may explain concepts to one another. You may look at another student's code to help them figure out why a specific one of their test cases is behaving as it is. Form study groups if you want.

You may NOT, however, dictate code to one another, share code files with one another (with the exceptions of partners on pair assignments) or take solutions from other sources, such as books or the Internet. Copied code will be treated as a violation of the academic honesty policy. Such violations will result in an NR for the course and a referral to the Student Life Office, in accordance with WPI's academic honesty policy. Exceptions to this rule are possible only if you admit your violation to the professor before we detect the violation (this gives you a chance to pass the course if, for example, you cheated in desparation the night an assignment was due, then felt guilty about it in the morning). If we detect the violation before you admit to it, no exception to the NR policy will occur. Egregious violations (such as breaking into another student's account to copy a solution) may still earn an NR even if you admit to them. You can safely assume that we will not begin grading an assignment before noon on the calendar day after the assignment is due.

If you are unsure whether an activity would constitute cheating, ask!

Accommodations for Special Needs, Disabilities or Religious Observance

Students requiring accommodation due to disabilities or religious observance must speak with me at the start of the term to work out appropriate arrangements. Arrangements based on disability require documentation from the Disability Services Office (DSO). Students with disabilities who believe that they may need accommodations in this class should contact the DSO (Daniels Hall, (508) 831-5235) to initiate the necessary paperwork.