WPI Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Computer Science Department

CS4341 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 
Class Pictures - B 2003


Thanks to Peter Mardziel for adding the names of the students to each picture
The student's name will be displayed when pointing to his/her face with the mouse

64 students took this class. Not all of them appear in the pictures below ------------------------------------------

John Furman John Callahan Valerie Galluzzo Sean Doherty Liam Morley Jenn Flynn Jonathan Rudolph David Norcott Mike Fusaro John Chrzanowski Brandon Light Kevin Menard

Arno Hautala Rick Ballard Eric Mill Ben Sandofsky Corey Lusher Jason Ernst Ryan Jarvis Mike Andren Mark Moseley John Plunkett Mathew Haag Jeremy Lerch Derek Chen Dimitri Stancioff

Ty Bailey Kevin Rohleder Josie Jaecksch Jen Peters Alex Perry Lee Chu Harold Sham Bao Jian Yu Nick Pinney Chris Vitone Jason MacInnes Eric Leshay Erin Dube Rob Contois Justin Crafford Scot Junkin Zachary Piccolomini

Seth Voltz Peter Goodspeed Owen Lange Chris Kopec Rob Knapp Jesse King