cs 3516 - Wireshark 2: Web Browsing

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This is the second in series of Wireshark labs, where this one is designed to let you use Wireshark to explore the functioning of a well-known application protocol - the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) used by Web broswers and servers. You will use Wireshark to gather traces from several different kinds of page retrievals using a Web browser, do some analysis and answer some questions about the results. You will turn in your trace as well as answers to some questions based on the data you gathered.

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You will work through the entire Wireshark lab associated with Chapter 2 of the Kurose and Ross course textbook:

Follow the instructions in the lab carefully, with the one exception that you must save your capture file (Via "File" --> "Save") as the very last step of the lab. You can save one large trace or one separate trace for each of the 5 sections in the lab.


You will submit:

When ready, combine (via zip or tar) everything up into a single archive file named your_login_here_wire2.zip.

Submit your document electronically via the Web-based "Turnin" by 11:59pm on the day the assignment is due. Turnin can be accessed here:

The Turnin assignment ID is wire2.


You will be graded based on: 1) your ability to follow the instructions to gather the appropriate trace(s), and 2) the accuracy of your answers with respect to the Wireshark capture file you turnin. There are 19 questions in the lab, and each question is equally weighted.

Grading Guidelines
Wireshark Answers
30% 70%

Grading Rubric:

90-100: The Wireshark capture files are all present, answers to the questions are thorough and accurate.

80-89: The Wireshark capture files are present, all questions are answered but some answers are incorrect.

70-79: One or more of the Wireshark capture files are missing or incorrectly captured, not all questions are answered and/or some answers are incorrect.

60-69: Multiple Wireshark capture files are missing or incorrectly captured, and numerous questions are not answered or are answered incorrectly.

0-50: The Wireshark capture files are missing or totally incorrect, the answers to the questions are missing or mostly incorrect.

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