cs 3516 - Wireshark 1: Introduction

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This is the first of series of Wireshark labs that is designed to get you familiar with the Wireshark packet capture tool. You will work through a cook-book like set of instructions to install Wireshark, gather a trace and do some basic investigation about performance. You will turn in your trace as well as answers to some questions based on the data you gathered.

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You will work through the entire first Wireshark lab that comes with the Kurose and Ross course textbook:

Note, you will need a computer (desktop or laptop) that you can use to install and run Wireshark. Wireshark is available from www.wireshark.org, where you can download binaries for Windows and OS X. There are links for 3rd party packages for, say, Linux, too.

IMPORTANT! If you do not have access to a computer you can run Wireshark on, you must let us (cs3516-staff) know as soon as possible. We will do our best to find a way you can still complete the Wireshark projects.

Follow the instructions in the lab carefully, with the one exception that you must Save your capture file (Via "File" --> "Save") as the very last step before exiting Wireshark.

Also, you must not run Wireshark in promiscuous mode. Promiscuous mode is checked on by default, but can be unchecked in the "Capture" --> "Options" window (where you can select the device and other options). Besides preventing you from violating the AUP by potentially collecting other's traffic, turning off promiscuous mode will greatly reduces the data you are analyzing and collecting, making it easier to read results and submit the data.

For a presentation of the lab, you might check out the slides: ppt, pdf


You will submit:

When ready, combine (via zip or tar) everything up into a single archive file named your_login_here_wire1.zip.

Submit your document electronically via the Web-based "Turnin" by 11:59pm on the day the assignment is due. Turnin can be accessed here:

Use your WPI user ID should be used to login, and you should have been emailed a password.
The Turnin assignment ID is wire1.


You will be graded based on: 1) your ability to get Wireshark up and running, and 2) the accuracy of your answers with respect to the Wireshark capture file you turnin. There are 4 questions at the end of the tutorial (the last question is really just requires an action on your part), and each question is equally weighted.

Grading Guidelines
Wireshark Answers
50% 50%

Grading Rubric:

90-100: The Wireshark capture file is present, answers to the questions are thorough and accurate.

80-89: The Wireshark capture file is present, all questions are answered and mostly accurate, but there are some minor errors.

70-79: The Wireshark capture file is present, but an answer is missing or several answers are incomplete or inaccurate.

60-69: The Wireshark capture file is present, but one or more answers are missing and/or most of the answers are incomplete or inaccurate.

0-50: The Wireshark capture file is not present and the answers to the questions are incorrect or severely lacking.

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