CS 3431 - Database Systems I

Course Outcomes

Course Outcomes
(student should be able to...)
Transform textual requirements into model (ER or ODL) 19 HW1-HW2, PROJ1, EXAM1
Transform ER model into relational model 19 HW2, PROJ2, EXAM1
Design and apply normalization 19 HW3, PROJ2, EXAM1
Support claims with evidence 19 HW2, EXAM1
Specification of declarative queries (SQL) 19 HW4, HW5, Ex2, Proj1-Proj4
Learn to independently acquire knowledge (e.g., utilize Oracle and bulk loader) 14, 19 Proj1-Proj4
Learn to independently acquire knowledge (e.g., to access Oracle JDBC from a Java program) 14, 19 Proj1-Proj4
Work Collaborative in a Team 19 Proj1-Proj4
Presentation of Software Project 8 Proj4
Document research and design decisions in writing. 21 Proj1-Proj4
Complete Larger-Scale Software Project 8 Proj1-Proj4