CS 2102 (B10): Object-Oriented Design Concepts
Final Exam Prep Guide

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You should expect the final to be of similar complexity as the midterm, with similar (limited) expectations on writing code from scratch. You may be asked a read a bit more code than on the midterm however.

The exam will not directly re-test material from the midterm, but may touch on some of that material to set up problems.

What Should You Expect?

What You Can Bring

You may bring a single sheet of paper with whatever notes, examples, comments, etc that you wish. You may use both sides of the paper. Typeset or handwritten is fine. The exam is otherwise closed-book, closed-notes.

You may not share paper notes with others during the exam.

What You are Expected to Know

The summary section of each set of lecture notes indicates the concepts that you should have learned this term. These include:

The exam will not cover any material past the lecture on Friday, Dec 10.

Links to the Prior Quizzes (with answers)

I will post the literal instruction page on Monday, after I have finished writing the exam.