CS 1102: Accelerated Intro to Program Design
Expectations for Homework

This page outlines our expectations for your assignments. The grading scheme follows these points closely.

Homework Pairs

Homework assignments will be done in pairs. Students will work in the same pairs throughout the entire term. You may form your own pairs at the start of the term. The course staff will pair up students who do not express preferences.

Each pair should submit one assignment with both names on it. Both members of the pair will receive the same grade on the assignment.

Ideally, you and your partner should either try the problems individually and meet to go over results (and choose which answers to submit), or meet and work the problems together. We strongly discourage you from splitting up the problems and each working only half of them. Each problem is designed to practice a different sort of program. If you only do half of the programs, you may find yourself unprepared for the exams! (You must have a passing average on the exams to pass the course.)

Put another way, we use homework pairs because experience shows that most students do better in the course when they work regularly with someone else. We don't use them because the assignments are too long for one person to do. You are expected to work roughly 12-17 hours a week on the course ourside of class. If you can't finish the assignments in that time on your own, you need to be coming to office hours for extra help.

Which Scheme constructs can we use on the homework? (project covered separately below)

Unless otherwise noted on a particular assignment When in doubt as to whether you can use a construct on an assignment, ask!

Which Scheme constructs can we use on the project?

You may use whatever you need (including things usually forbidden on homeworks), but any uses of set! must adhere to the guidelines for when to use set! (see bottom of the linked page).

What will the graders be looking for when grading programs?

What do I do if I have a question or complaint about how my assignment was graded?

Your graded assignments will be marked with the identity of the grader who graded them. Talk to the grader first. If you still have a concern over your grade, talk to the professor. In both cases, be prepared to explain why you feel your solution deserves more points than it received.

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