Expectations on Homework

This page outlines our expectations for your assignments. Work done on all assignments must adhere to the academic honesty policy in CS 1101.

Which Racket constructs may we use on the homework?

Unless otherwise noted on a particular assignment

When in doubt as to whether you can use a construct on an assignment, ask!

What will the graders be looking for when grading programs?

For the first few homework assigments, a detailed grading rubric will be provided before the homework assignment due date, so that you'll know what to expect in terms of grading.

This is a large class, and there are many homework assignments to be graded each week. The course staff has procedures in place to help reduce the time needed to complete the grading of assignments. These procedures rely on students following instructions for preparing the homework assignments (for example, naming your file as required, using the function names given in the assignment, etc.) If the graders need to handle your homework submission in a special way, you will lose points on that assignment.

What do I do if I have a question or complaint about how my assignment was graded?

Your graded assignments will be marked with the identity of the grader who graded them. If you have a question about your grade, post a message on the "Grading Error" forum in InstructAssist. Your request will be handled by the person who graded your assignment. If you still have a concern after communicating with the grader, the instructor will look at your request. In both cases, be prepared to explain why you feel your solution deserves more points than it received.