CS 1101: Preparing for Exams

Our Goals for Exams

The exams test your skills as designing data definitions, programs, and test cases for the kinds of programming problems we have done in class up to the time of the exam. Mainly, we want to make sure that each student is able to carry out the design and programming tasks that we have covered without the help of his/her homework partner or others. The exams are not designed to trick you.

What We Care About on the Exam

What We DO NOT Care About on the Exam

What to (not) Bring

What to Expect

Expect problems similar in style to the homeworks and labs (though obviously not as many since the exam lasts only 50 minutes). While some questions will have multiple parts, individual questions will be independent so you can do them in any order. The exam will show how many points each questions is worth.

Exam 1 will cover up through the class material for Friday, Sept 9 (basic list functions). Sample Exam

Exam 2 will cover lists of structures, trees, and hierarchies (the material through Friday, Sept 23). Sample Exam

Exam 3 will cover programs with memory (set! and set-structure!), testing programs with memory, creating circular data, and programs with accumulators. Sample Exam

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. What's the best way to prepare?
    Practice, practice, practice! If you can read Scheme programs but not write them, you're going to have trouble with the exam. Do as many problems as you need to to get comfortable with programming in Scheme. The homeworks (up through homework 3) will be good practice for the exam.

    And practice templates. If you can't get at least as far as the template on any problem, you need to be coming in for help if you want to pass the exam.

  2. Will you post sample exams?
    The sample exam from this class a year ago is linked above. We will not post solutions though. Please come to any of our office hours and we will happily review your solutions with you.

  3. Are computers allowed during the exam?
    No. Pen(cil) and paper only.

  4. Do we need to write contracts on the exam?
    Each problems should state clearly whether you need to write contracts (we tend to write them down for you to avoid confusion during the exam, unless the point of the problem is to see whether you can write contracts).

Any other questions or concerns, post to the discussion board.

Good luck!