How's My Network? - Predicting Performance From Within a Web Browser Sandbox

How's My Network? - Predicting Performance from within a Web Browser Sandbox

Murad Kaplan, Mark Claypool, and Craig Wills

In Proceedings of the 37th IEEE Conference Workshop on Local Computer Networks (LCN)
Clearwater, Florida, USA
October 22-25th, 2012

Measuring Internet performance for home users can provide useful information for improving networks. Unfortunately, Internet measurements typically require users to install special software, a major impediment to use. To overcome this impediment, we designed and implemented several scripting techniques to predict Internet performance from within the tightly constrained sandbox environment of a Web browser. Our techniques are integrated into a Web site project called "How's My Network" that provides predictions for common Internet activities, with this paper concentrating on the performance of online news, social networks, and online shopping. The contributions of this work include the design, implementation and evaluation of new approaches for predicting Web browser performance.


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