Characterization of a 3G EV-DO Network - a Measurement Study

Characterization of a 3G EV-DO Network - a Measurement Study

Zhe Zhou, Mark Claypool, and Robert Kinicki

In Proceedings of the 12th IEEE International Workshop on Wireless Local Networks (WLN)
Clearwater, Florida, USA
October 22nd, 2012

The growth of mobile streaming applications has increased the importance of a better understanding of 3G EV-DO performance. This paper provides performance measurements for a series of experiments that offer an in-depth, cross-layer understanding of EV-DO. Insights are provided for data rate control, packet encapsulation/combination, early completion, packet interarrival time, packet loss pattern and queue management. Key results are: data rates for non-mobile EV-DO users are more stable than previously reported with little variance over short time scales and more random behavior over long time scales; low-level packet encapsulation/combination happens frequently; and custom service provider configurations (e.g., advanced queue management), and operating system differences (e.g., clock granularity for device drivers) can obfuscate network behavior relative to EV-DO specifications.


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