CS3013/502 Timeline

Below is a tentative timeline for dates for exams, homework and programming projects. This is just to give you an idea of when assignments go out and are due in order to help you plan. Be sure to check the assignments themselves for the actual due dates. This list might not be updated to reflect actual due dates.

May 17 First day of term
May 17 Project 1 out
Jun 02 Project 1 due
Jun 07 Project 2 out
Jun 14 No class
Jun 16 Makeup class
Jun 22 Project 2 due
Jun 23 cs502 Mid-term Exam, cs3013 Final Exam
Jun 23 Last day of term for cs3013
Jun 28 No class
Jul 05 No class
Jul 12 Project 3 out
Jul 14 Makeup class
Jul 19 Final exam for cs502
Jul 19 Last day of term for cs502
Jul 21 Project 3 due

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