CS4513 Practice Final Exam

  1. HJS03:
    1. What is the approximate median size of a response size and a request size?
    2. What is the trend in Web request sizes and response sizes?
  2. SKH02:
    1. Briefly describe the tradeoff between consistency and responsiveness in networked games.
    2. How can the use of a Nimbus and Focus help reduce network game traffic?
    3. What is packet replay as a form of cheating? Provide an example. How can it be prevented?
  3. BT01:
    1. What do the authors mean by simultaneous simulation? How does it help reduce network traffic?
    2. What do the authors mean in the lesson "Know Your User"? Provide an example.
  4. MKL+02:
    1. What is a hybrid versus a pure peer-to-peer system? Why is a hybrid system easier to construct? What drawbacks might it suffer?
    2. How is the "sharing" of peers in seti@home different from that of other P2P systems?
  5. SGG02:
    1. What was the major difference between the Napster and Gnutella crawlers the authors used?
    2. What evidence did the authors have that Napster peers deliberately mis-reported their bandwidth? Why would the Napster peers do so?

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