CS3013 Timeline

Below is a tentative timeline for dates for exams, homework and programming projects. This is just to give you an idea of when assignments go out and are due in order to help you plan. Be sure to check the assignments themselves for the actual due dates. This list might not be updated to reflect actual due dates.

Oct 29 First day of term
Oct 29 Project 0a out
Nov 01 Project 1 out
Nov 05 Homework 1 out
Nov 09 Project 1 due
Nov 13 Homework 1 due
Nov 13 Homework 2 out
Nov 15 Project 2 out
Nov 19 Homework 2 due
Nov 22-23 No class (Thanksgiving break)
Nov 28 Project 2 due
Nov 29 Homework 3 out
Nov 30 Project 0b out
Dec 04 Project 3 out
Dec 10 Homework 3 due
Dec 11 Homework 4 out
Dec 14 Project 3 due
Dec 17 Homework 4 due
Dec 18 Last day of term

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