Instructions for todayís class.


Students will divide into groups of six. Each group will do the following:

1)      Divide into sub-groups of two students each. Each pair will discuss the topic for 8 minutes.

2)      The pairs will reform into the group of six, then discuss for 7 more minutes.

3)      The group will then have five minutes to prepare a three-minute presentation on their findings. You are welcome to use overhead transparencies and/or the blackboard, but they are not required.


After this, the class will come together and each group will take a turn presenting.



For your topic, first identify which ethical and/or legal principles you think would apply. You can use principles from the Codes of Ethics or from any other source.


Then examine how these principles apply. Which actions on your part would be consistent with these principles, and which would be inconsistent? Are there conflicts between principles? If so, how do you resolve them? Is there additional information you need?


What would you do? Why? Would your answer be different if you were operating in another country? Donít bother being specific about the country; what characteristics might it have that would affect your decision?