Michael J. Ciaraldi

Department of Computer Science

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

100 Institute Road

Worcester, Massachusetts 01609

(508) 831-5117




Educational Background:


B.A., Physics, Cornell University, 1973

M.S., Computer Science, Rochester Institute of Technology, 1979

M.S., Computer Science, University of Rochester, 1983


Instructional Experience:


Professor of Practice, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 1999-present.

     Courses taught include:

          Social Implications of Information Processing

          Software Engineering

          Paradigms of Computation

Adjunct Professor, Clark University, 1995-1996.

Courses taught include:

Survey of Programming Languages

Proseminar on Computer Networking

Adjunct Professor, Rochester Institute of Technology, 1979‑1981, 1993‑1994.

     Courses taught include:

Software Scripting

Systems Programming Lab


Computing Theory

Computer Hardware

Introduction to Personal Computers

Adjunct Professor, University of Rochester, 1984‑1994.

Courses taught include:

Beginning Personal Computer Applications

Advanced Personal Computer Applications

Introduction to Small Computers

Industrial Experience:


Senior Software Engineer, Lucent Technologies, 1997-1999.

President, Ciaraldi Cybernetics, 1980‑present.

Software Engineer, Taylor Instrument Company, 1976‑1982.


Recent Presentations:


“The Software Engineer as Artist and Detective”, WPI Computer Science colloquium, 1999.

“Risks in Anonymous Distributed Computing Systems”, M. Ciaraldi, D. Finkel, C.E. Wills. International Network Conference, 2000.

"Accessing the Internet 101: Introduction and Access Alternatives", invited presentation, IEEE Electro Conference, Boston, 1995.


Representative Conferences and Workshops Attended:


Object-Oriented Analysis and Design using UML, the Rational Unified Process, and Rational Rose. Rational Software, 2000.

Lilly New England Conference on College Teaching, 1999.

Internet Security seminar at InterOp, 1998.

Lilly Conference on College Teaching, 1994.

"What Works": Penn State Conference on Collaborative Learning, 1994.

SUNY Oswego Conference on Object-Oriented Programming, 1993.


Professional Affiliations:


Association for Computing Machinery, 1975‑present.

Greater Boston Chapter: Webmaster.

Rochester, New York Chapter: former President, former Program Chair.

Rochester Area Microcomputer Society: founding member, former President, former Editor.

Institute for the Certification of Computer Professionals: Certified Data Processor.