Craig E. Wills

March, 2021

MQP Project Topics

General Ideas

Exploring the Location of Internet Content

This project seeks to understand and potentially map the location of selected content on the Internet. For example, this work may include measuring the amount and location of content provided by various servers for a single web page. As part of the project, we will explore which and how much content is provided by cloud and content distribution network (CDN) services as well as from ad services.

Suggested Background: Familiarity with network protocols such as TCP, HTTP and DNS as well as network and scripting tools are desirable. The project may also involve GeoIP services.

Studying Privacy Implications of Mobile App Behavior

Android mobile apps can collect data on what other mobile apps are installed on device as well as permissions granted to each app. These data can be collected without any permission granted by the user. This project seeks to better understand the number and behavior of mobile apps on this platform that exploit this functionality.

Suggested Background: Familiarity with Android Mobile Apps and Networking.

Data Analytics/Visualization

Apply data analytics and visualization to domain-specific problems such as education and sports.

Suggested Background: Familiarity with data analysis, scripting, and visualization.

IQP Project Topics

Comparing Metrics for American Universities

This project seeks to gather and compare various types of data for American universities. These data might include some combination of

Suggested Background: Interest in statistics and data analytics.