CS 3133, A Term 1998
Foundations of Computer Science
Homework 3 (due Sept. 29)

This page is located at http://www.cs.wpi.edu/~alvarez/CS3133/HW3.html


Do the problems listed below (page numbers refer to the textbook). State problems completely as part of your solutions. Give a brief explanation of your solution strategy for each problem. Your solutions should be legible and coherent. Your arguments should be sufficiently clear and airtight so as to convince the usual skeptical but reasonable jury (the professor and the TA!). Solutions should be written on only one side of each sheet of paper. Separate sheets should be stapled.


  1. Exercise 2, p. 252.
  2. Exercise 3, parts c,e, p. 253.
  3. Exercise 12, p. 254.
  4. Exercise 15, p. 254.
  5. Exercise 1, p. 291.
  6. Exercise 3, parts a,d, pp. 291-292.