CS 1005, C Term 2000
Introduction to Programming
Note on HW4

This page is located at http://www.cs.wpi.edu/~alvarez/CS1005/HW4/platform.html

Important Note

Although other development environments may support many of the same C++ language features as the CCC version of g++, pseudorandom number generators in particular tend to require a slightly different syntax. Even different versions of g++ may have different versions of the srand(int) and rand() functions. For example, g++ on the Unix machines in the CS department will generate a different pseudorandom sequence than g++ on the CCC Unix machines when presented with exactly the same seed value.

As always, you should feel free to develop your HW4 assignment on the platform of your choice, but you are strongly advised to develop HW4 on the CCC Unix system directly. If you don't, note for example that you probably won't be able to decrypt the sample files linked from the HW4 statement on the web. In any case, it is your responsibility to ensure that your HW4 program works correctly on the CCC Unix system.

The Bottom Line

Your HW4 program must function correctly under the g++ compiler on the CCC Unix machines.