Artificial Intelligence for Engineering Design, Analysis and Manufacturing

Special Issue: Call For Papers

AIEDAM Special Issue:

Human-computer Interaction in Engineering Contexts

Edited by : I.C. Parmee and I.F.C. Smith

Although the human-computer interaction (HCI) community has been active for several years, very little attention has been devoted to supporting engineers. Engineers are unique computer users with particular needs. They are familiar with fields such as applied mathematics, applied sciences, simulation, project management, technical drawing and design as well as engineering law and economics. Also, they are often in positions where they are legally responsible for the decisions they make. Such decisions are often made in contexts of incomplete and changing information.

This is a call for papers that provide progress towards improving human-computer interaction in engineering contexts. These contexts may involve the following tasks :

  • Integration and collaboration
  • Design
  • Fabrication
  • Construction
  • Evaluation
  • Monitoring
  • Repair
  • Control

Issues, methods and techniques related to themes such as knowledge capture, representing engineering knowledge, supporting engineering tasks, proactive support, passive support, solution navigation, student scaffolding and interface evaluations are of interest.

Of particular interest is the development of HCI techniques that support the capture of experiential engineering knowledge in iterative human / machine-based processes leading to the identification of good solutions. This highlights a perceived requirement for two-way information exchange:

computer to human
  • in the form of succinct representations of generated data.
  • human to computer
  • in terms of appropriate problem reformulation based upon generated data and experiential knowledge.
  • It is assumed that the term `HCI' is not restricted to `front-end' issues. HCI also embraces complex concepts relating to information generation, representation, processing and knowledge capture. Such activities clearly rely upon appropriate data representation, visualisation and other state-of-the-art interface aspects. The aim of the special issue is to capture this whole picture in the form of a set of high-quality complementary papers.

    Please submit papers in electronic form to:

    For papers that exceed 2Mb in size, please place the file in a public directory and send URL or FTP location for downloading.

    Papers will be reviewed by a committee in order to select papers for publication in the special issue. Quality papers that are not selected may be considered for standard publication in AIEDAM.

    Important dates:

       Deadline for full papers       Oct 15, 2001
       Reviews completed              Dec 9, 2001
       Notification of acceptance     Jan 15, 2002
       Corrected papers due           April 30, 2002
       Final acceptance               May 15, 2002
       Submission to Cambridge UP     June 16, 2002
       Publication date               November 2002


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