Artificial Intelligence for Engineering Design, Analysis and Manufacturing

Special Issue: Call For Papers

AIEDAM Special Issue, January 2004, Vol.18, No.1

Platform Product Development for Mass Customization

Edited by: George Huang, Roger Jiao, and Mitchell Tseng

A contemporary approach to agile product development for mass customization is to derive distinctively different products from a single platform. A "platform" is defined as component and subsystem assets commonly shared across a family of products. Significant benefits have been observed in numerous success stories from industrial sectors such as airplanes, automobiles, personal computers, printers, hand tools, toasters, etc.

The platform product development approach usually includes two main phases. One is the establishment of the appropriate product platform and the other is the customization of the platform into individual product variants to meet the specific market, business and engineering needs. The establishment, maintenance and application of the right product platform are very complex. Several qualitative frameworks have been proposed for both phases in platform product development. They provide valuable managerial guidelines in implementing the platform product development approach. However, there are very few systematic quantitative or intelligent methodologies to support the product development team members to adopt this platform product development practice, despite the progress made in several research projects.

The goal of this special issue is to take a snapshot of the progress in the research into the decision support systems for platform product development and to disseminate how recent developments in computational AI techniques (e.g., Knowledge Representation, Heuristic Search, Evolutionary Computing, Classification, Ontologies, etc.) can improve and enhance such support. Researchers are invited to submit papers related to, but not limited to, one or more of the areas listed below:

  • Product platform development;
  • Product family architecture;
  • Intelligent modeling of products, product platforms, product variants, product families, product portfolios, etc.;
  • Knowledge management in platform product development;
  • Product platform customization;
  • Evolutionary computing in product customization;
  • Measurement of customizability.

Papers of both theoretical and practical nature are welcome. The Guest Editors are also interested in authoritative literature review of the state of the art and directions for future research in the field.

All submissions will be first screened by the Guest Editors for their relevance to the special issue and then anonymously reviewed by at least two reviewers in order to ensure quality.

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Important dates:

    Title + Abstract: As soon as possible Submission of full papers to Guest Eds: 31 January 2003 Notification and reviews to authors: 30 April 2003 Submission of revised manuscripts: 30 June 2003 Final notification and re-reviews: 30 July 2003 Final submission for production: 15 August 2003 Publication: February 2004

Guest editors:

Dr. George Huang
Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering,
The University of Hong Kong,
Pokfulam Road,
Hong Kong
Tel: (852)28592591
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Dr Roger Jiao
School of Mechanical and Production Engineering,
Nanyang Technological University,
Nanyang Avenue 50,
Tel: (65)67904143
Fax: (65)67911859

Professor Mitchell Tseng
Department of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management,
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology,
Clearwater Bay,
Hong Kong
Tel: (852)23587091
Fax: (852)23580062

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