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Special Issue: Call For Papers

AIEDAM Special Issue, August & November 2004, Vol.18, No.3 & No.4,

Learning and Creativity in Design

Edited by: A. H. B. Duffy and F.M.T. Brazier

Learning and creativity in design are two related activities. Can the interrelations between the activities be defined? What is the nature of these inter-relationships? Does creativity necessarily result in new knowledge and/or learning? Can creativity be supported by computational means? Can learning be supported by computational means? If so, can such computational systems support design practice? Can automated design be considered to be creative? Can learning from past design manipulations be considered to be creative?

The Learning and Creativity in Design Workshop at AID'02, held at Cambridge University, provided a forum to discuss and attempt to answer some of these questions, together with identifying the latest trends, and challenge areas of learning to support design creativity. This special issue should also present answers to some of the above questions. The goal of this snapshot of the state-of-the-art of research in this area is to produce an insightful understanding of the subject of learning and creativity in design, by identifying the key challenges and issues.

Related papers are invited about, but not limited to, the areas listed below:

  • The links between learning and creativity in design;
  • The nature of creativity and learning;
  • Creativity and learning in team design;
  • Techniques, knowledge and approaches to computationally supported creativity and learning.

All submissions will be anonymously reviewed by at least two reviewers, and a selection for publication made on the basis of these reviews.

Further details about registration of interest, submission, etc, can be found a the Special Issue information page:

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Important dates:

    Submission deadline for full papers: delayed to 26 September 2003 Notification and reviews to authors: 9 January 2004 Revised version submission deadline: 1 March 2004 Final version submission deadline: 7 June 2004

Guest editors:

Please direct all enquiries and submissions to the guest editors:

Alex Duffy
Computer Aided Design Centre
University of Strathclyde

Frances Brazier
Intelligent Interactive Distributed Systems Group
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

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