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Special Issue: Call For Papers

AIEDAM Special Issue, Fall 2012, Vol.26, No.4

Intelligent Decision Support and Modeling

Edited by: Andy Dong & Julie Jupp

Understanding how decisions are made in risky situations with incomplete, imperfect, and uncertain information continues to be a critical interdisciplinary research question that has far-reaching implications in fields ranging from engineering to economics to public policy. In situations wherein multiple alternatives to a particular problem exist, each with uncertain variables and pay-offs that must be analyzed and decided upon, the aim is to improve decision-making so that goals can be attained while minimizing undesirable, unintended consequences.

Concurrent with the problem of decision-making is forecasting the effects of decisions. Both of these matters are complicated by the realities of collective decision-making of increasing scale and complexity that is typical of highly complex engineering design problems. Decision-making research is also progressively turning to the problem of the complex interplay of stakeholders each with differing authority and information upon which to make decisions and who have competing beliefs and incentives. All of these facets of decision-making make this an exciting area of research.

In order to tackle these matters, research methods in decision-making now range from formal, mathematical modeling to statistical mechanics based models to agent-based modeling and simulation to empirical, behavioral research. Research in this area is reaching beyond normative models of decision-making to examine cognitive (e.g., frames), emotional (e.g., beliefs) and social factors (e.g., herding) that influence decision-making.

This special issue is aimed at disseminating the state-of-the-art research and applications, addressing the major challenges and issues of decision modeling and developing and applying intelligent decision support systems. The guest editors invite authors to submit original papers to this special issue. The guest editors are also interested in authoritative reviews of the state of the art and directions for future research in the area.

The special issue will cover, but is not limited to, the following topics:

  • Decision support systems and decision process modeling
  • Empirical studies in decision making including handling risk, uncertainty and imperfect information in individual, small group, and collective decision-making
  • Decision analysis including new computational methods for analyzing large-scale decision networks
  • Decision theories, including game theory, utility theory, probability theory, fuzzy set theory, Bayesian theory, among others
  • Approaches to Decision-based Design

All submissions will be anonymously reviewed by at least three reviewers. The selection for publication will be made on the basis of these reviews. High quality papers not selected for this special issue may be considered for standard publication in AIEDAM.

Information about the format and style required for AIEDAM papers can be found at

Note that all enquiries and submissions for special issues go to the Guest Editors, and not to the Editor in Chief.

Important dates:

    Intend to submit (Abstract & Title): As soon as possible Submission deadline for full papers: 15 September 2011 Reviews due: 15 December 2011 Notification and reviews to authors: 15 January 2012 Revised version submission deadline: 1 April 2012 Issue to publisher: 1 June 2012

Guest editors:

Andy Dong
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Julie Jupp
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