Department ofComputer Science

Undergraduate Programs

The Path to Real-World Success Starts Here

Computer Science is constantly evolving. As fast as it moves, WPI moves with it to continuously forge new discoveries and help shape the future of this developing field.

WPI researchers are at the forefront of many new advances within the Computer Science discipline including security and privacy, data mining, intelligent tutoring, computer games, and robotics. As a student in the department you.ll reap the benefits of learning and working alongside these world-class faculty mentors.

A Broad-Based Education

We believe the best computer scientist is the most well-rounded one, and that to be effective in business and society, computer scientists must be able to do more than design computing systems. They must relate to and communicate with people to be able to apply their knowledge to improve real-life situations.

At WPI we combine formal course work, hands-on project activity, and requirements in the humanities and arts to ensure that our students have both the technical and interpersonal skills needed to succeed in today.s global economy.

One Department, Multiple Options

The department offers degrees in two undergraduate programs, Computer Science and Computers with Applications; a Computer Science minor, and a combined Bachelor’s/Master’s program which allows students to shorten the time required to earn the master’s degree.

Wherever your WPI education takes you, your experiences here will strengthen your strategic and analytical skills-and your value in the real world.

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